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The Sunnyside Community Redevelopment Organization (SCRO) advocates for stronger environmental regulations, educate residents about the health risks of pollution, and organize community members to demand change. By working together with other organizations and community leaders SCRO is helping to make Houston a healthier and more just city.

Some of the specific environmental issues that the Sunnyside neighborhood faces include:

  • Air pollution from nearby industrial facilities

  • Water pollution from a former landfill and incinerator

  • Lead contamination from old homes and businesses

  • Lack of access to healthy food and quality healthcare

The SCRO works to address these issues by:

  • Advocating for stronger environmental regulations

  • Educating residents about the health risks of pollution

  • Organizing community members to demand change

  • Providing resources to help residents improve their health


SCRO focuses on air monitoring to assess and improve air quality, addressing health disparities, and monitoring toxic release sites within your community. By conducting air monitoring, we gather data on air pollutants to better understand and address potential health risks. Additionally, our organization works towards reducing health disparities, aiming to provide equitable access to healthcare and resources for underserved populations. Monitoring toxic release sites helps identify and mitigate potential environmental hazards in the community. Overall, our organization plays a crucial role in promoting healthier environments and addressing community health concerns.


The SCRO is working to make Sunnyside a healthier and more just community. By addressing the environmental issues that the neighborhood faces, the SCRO is helping to improve the lives of its residents.

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